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Books for boys…who desperately want to read novels.

I’ve been doing some research (and by research I mean lots of browsing in book shops!) into books that are at the right level for the Year 3 boy I am tutoring. Most of his friends read short novels, but believe me, he’s not quite there.

Based on his fluency, word attack and comprehension, I’d say he’s around early Year 2 level. So when he began bringing out books like ‘Despicable Me – the novel’ and a few ‘Goosebumps’ newbies, I felt like I was bursting his bubble when I had to tell him ‘I think these are a bit too hard’ and suggest ‘Let’s do the 5 finger test to check’.

So, I bought ‘The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow‘, by Andy Griffiths. Silly, repetitive and obviously boy-ish…it was a big hit. It was such a hit that he was determined to read the WHOLE novel in one sitting. And boy, was he proud.

Here are the books that are next on the list:

The Cat on the Mat is Flat – Andy Griffiths

Barky the Barking Dog – Andy Griffiths

Ten Unlucky Pirates – Andy Griffiths

Hey Jack! – a series of books, by Sally Rippin

Gigglers – a series of books, by various authors (I’ll be at the library, choosing the most boy-ish ones!)

Aussie Nibbles – a series of books, by various authors (yet again, I’ll be choosing the grossest, silliest ones)

I’d love to hear your suggestions for any other books that are novel-like, but have a significantly lower word count on each page!

One thought on “Books for boys…who desperately want to read novels.

  1. Hi Fiona,

    Also have a look for…

    Boyz Rule series by Phil Kettle and Felice Arena (can partner read with 2 main characters)
    TooCool series by Phil Kettle
    Sporty Kids series by Felice Arena
    Max Rumble series by Michael Wagner (footy, cricket & soccer)
    Piggie & Elephant series by Mo Willems (Short & fun, great for reading with expression)
    Zac Power series (spy)
    Boy vs Beast series

    Then maybe you could move along to…

    Tashi series by Anna Fienberg & Kim Gamble
    Stink series by Judy Moody
    Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon
    Dirty Bertie series by David Roberts
    Stick Dudes by Felice Arena
    Little Lunch series by Danny Katz

    Hope this helps your Year 3 student who is very lucky to have someone like you to encourage, support and inspire him to read…

    Happy reading!

    Kim 🙂

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