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Choose Your Own Learning Adventure

We’ve all read, or at least seen, these type of books – a storyline that has a variety of paths, complications and resolutions – all with the aim of the reader finishing the book. I decided to try my own style of this, as a Learning Adventure.

Our school had a variety of photos being taken today which meant that multiple students, or whole groups of students would be absent for my room from 10 minutes up to 50 minutes at any given time. Trying to teach my regular lessons would be frustrating – trying to explain and introduce an activity over and over again didn’t really seem all that appealing to me.

This morning I wrote 4 learning tasks on the whiteboard, underneath the title “Choose Your Own Learning Adventure“.  They covered a variety of subject areas, but as the morning is predominantly our Literacy block, that was the overarching theme. Each of the activities explained where the activity needed to be completed (book, computer, iPad) etc. 

We made a deal that by lunchtime, each student would have at least 3 of the activities completed. This allowed for time out of the room for photos, as well as our 30 minute library lesson. In total, they had two hours and fifteen minutes to complete them – in any order they liked.

This was a Learning Adventure for me as well – watching my students self-monitor their learning, their choices of who they sat near and which activity they chose first and last – gave me great confidence in being able to trust my students and spend lots of time with each of them one-on-one. The activities were a combination of paper, books, computers and iPads – it goes to show that a little bit of everything goes a long way!

What do you think?

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