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Technology Tuesdays – QR Codes

Today’s Technology Tuesday’s topic is ‘QR Codes’.

The resource I developed for this session for staff assumes that staff already have i-Nigma (or another QR code scanning app) downloaded onto their iPad and that they know how to scan a QR code.

Staff will follow a step by step guide to create a QR code that links to a Storybird story. This is an activity that I use with my students when we have used Storybird to write narratives.  There is also the option for participants to scan a variety of other QR codes in order to see how QR codes are used in other classrooms and where to find free, ready made QR codes.

I also created a Thinglink for participants to use to gain even more information about QR codes. (Thinglink is an upcoming Technology Tuesday session, so stay tuned for more information!)

Click here to view the Thinglink.

Click here for the QR Code Step by Step Guide.


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