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App of the Week#8: i-nigma

What is it?

i-nigma is a free QR (Quick Response) scanner app.

Why should I download it?

i-nigma can scan QR codes, create an automatic history of your scanned codes and has the ability to save scanned codes as favourites.

What do I use it for?

Use i-nigma in the classroom in conjunction with the QRstuff website to create interactive activities and stations for your students. Turning a website into a QR code avoids students typing the web address incorrectly and points straight to the required website. 

For ideas of how to use it in the classroom, see my previous post: Making QR codes unique.

Another great post to look at is QR Codes in the classroom, by @misskyritsis.

How do I get it?

Click here to be directed to i-nigma in the App Store.

This post is the eighth (and final) in a series, highlighting apps which can be helpful in the education ‘game’.


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